Amnesty International

“Working with Pareto Phone has been an overall positive experience. They are open to new ideas, custom projects and reactive changes to strategy. It's great to be working with a vendor that is committed to a genuine partnership and moving in unison towards the same goals. Since moving to Pareto phone as our primary telemarketing provider in 2019, we have seen a marked improvement in retention and supporter complaints dropped significantly. We are confident they provide their fundraisers with the training and support needed to ensure our supporters have positive interactions, regardless if they choose to donate or not. We are impressed with the passion fundraisers have for our cause and appreciate the impact on Human Rights Pareto phone help us deliver.”

Alicia Robitaille - Fundraiser Coordinator (Telemarketing)


“Building a partnership with Pareto Phone has been a fantastic and rewarding experience for Canteen. We have been impressed with the results they deliver us across our regular giving campaigns alongside the excellent donor care they provide to our supporters. The client services team are transparent, committed and solution focused and provide regular data analysis, reporting and recommendations to maximise results. It’s clear that the passion for their clients runs through every level of the organisation from callers to senior leadership.”

Australian Conservation Foundation

We have been working with Pareto for many years and very grateful for the partnership. Our client managers go above and beyond when it comes to achieving great results for our organisation. They’re consistently testing new and improved ideas and striving for the best possible outcomes, especially during these Covid-times. We truly appreciate the personal touch and believe the outstanding service very much comes down to dedication to the cause and goals of the organisation, longstanding and passionate teams, transparent communications, and a solid foundation of strong relationships.

Nadia Watson - Regular Giving Specialist

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

“Pareto Phone has been a long-standing partner for Peter Mac, providing reliable, accurate and professional tele fundraising services to support our regular giving program for more than 10 years. The Account Management and Client Services teams are flexible and supportive, and always a pleasure to work with. Pareto Phone’s work has been crucial in the development and growth of our regular giving program, helping this grow to provide more than 30% of the Foundation’s annual income. Pareto Phone manage many outbound phoning campaigns for Peter Mac and consistently meet their targets in terms of upgrade and reactivation rates. From their targeting and scripting through to their execution over the phone, Pareto Phone consistently deliver a proficient and valuable service for Peter Mac.”

Julia Cameron - Individual Giving Manager


"The client services team are transparent, committed and solution focused. Our regular meetings are well prepared for and lead to constructive conversations. The team is always ready to answer questions and escalate matters as required. We have worked very closely with the team to build strong campaigns with consistent results across our regular giving program. When needed, the team provide appropriate recommendations to ensure we are continuing to improve and optimise each batch or campaign. Information is well communicated within the team so that changes are made quickly and effectively when required. Despite the recent team changes at both Pareto and Canteen, transitions have been seamless and the high quality of work we receive from the client services team has remained. We appreciate the excellent donor care provided to our supporters on every call."

Michael Sadler