Nurture donor care, How?

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The Nurture Program

Having one-to-one conversations with a supporter is one of the most powerful and meaningful ways to bring people close to a charity's cause.

Are you looking to create an authentic donor experience, build trust and generate a sustainable revenue stream?

The Nurture Program is a holistic approach and donor journey specifically designed to support fundraising strategies for hospitals and health services.

The Nurture Program will ensure you:

- Target the right donors
- Build trust
- Identify who you should call

Data Viability

A strategic approach to data assessment with data cleansing and appending, segmentation and profiling.

Engagement SMS

Donor engagement journey is deployed. We listen to the responses and begin the donor engagement scoring.

Engagement Phone

We have now identified who the best supporters are to call, allowing you to focus your spend on high propensity leads.

Return on Investment

Engagement at scale to grow your Regular Giving fundraising income stream while building trust through a nurturing donor journey.

Download the Nurture Program Brochure

Download a copy of the Nurture Program brochure to learn more now.


The Nurture Purpose

The focus of the Nurture Program is on regular giving conversion of your ‘grateful patients’ and/or other supporters creating a foundation of trust by building a 1 to 1 long lasting relationship with your donors.

We help overcome your fundraising challenges.

The Nurture results

The multifaceted engagement strategy with donors will:

- Increase voice contact rates
- Increase conversion rates
- Lower CPA on RG Conversion Campaigns
- Facilitate more sticky donors
- Provide an impeccable donor care journey

Our other services

Pareto Phone are telephone fundraising experts, having over one million conversions per year with donors and prospective supporters on behalf of our partners.

We offer a range of services from regular giving conversion calling to bequest calling.

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We developed the Nurture Program to ensure donor relationships are built for longevity.

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The Nurture Brochure

Download a copy of our brochure to learn more about how you can create a nurturing donor journey.