Engagement Fundraising: How to raise more money for less in the 21st century

This book is a must read for everyone who knows that the ‘next big thing’ is donor engagement, value and two-way conversation.

Author Greg Warner is a fundraiser, but he is a donor too. His consultancy, his donor engagement software and now his book all came about after he experienced first-hand that the personal, spray-and-pray approaches of his beloved charity were not only offensive, but wasteful and ineffective.

So, this book is written from the perspective of a donor who discovered first-hand that fundraising is broken – the author himself.

Warner’s 21st century donor-centric strategy is called ‘Engagement Fundraising’. And the key to its success is in leveraging smart strategies and powerful technologies to engage your supporters with highly relevant, captivating and respectful communications.

As the author says: “When used correctly, new technologies can save money, create relationships, and respect the time and interests of potential donors.”

The book provides a clear, contemporary strategy and implementation plan to help you zero in on the donors most ready to support your organisation with major and legacy gifts.

And is backed up by market-tested ideas, strategies and approaches to effective fundraising.

We highly recommend this book. Warner’s fresh, technology-driven approach is a powerful way forward for those interested in engaging more people to inspire more philanthropic support.

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