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What we’re here to achieve

Pareto Phone is an industry leader in creating innovative, sustainable, data-led campaigns for charity telefundraising.

Every year some of our best-known and most-loved charities engage us to provide telephone fundraising services. Whether you want to say welcome, thank you, we miss you, upgrade or convert, the phone is critical at every step of your supporters’ journey.

At Pareto Phone, we can help you raise your charity fundraising to new heights.

Why choose us
Telefundraising is an important channel in your integrated, sustainable fundraising program.
A partnership approach

Our strategic, data-driven campaigns maximise returns for your beneficiaries. We work with you to connect with your supporters in an inspiring and compelling way, and can help you explore new ways to engage with donors.

Insights into industry trends

Through access to the latest thinking and approaches in fundraising including digital campaigning, we provide you with a competitive edge. We’ll always do what we believe is best for your charity to give you the best result.

Industry leading data analytics

Data is one of your most powerful assets.
Our sophisticated data targeting and predictive modelling expertise creates high-performing data sets that allow you to reach the right supporters, at the right time, with the right message.

Campaign management

Your campaigns stay on target and on budget.
We believe that campaigns should be flexible to ensure you have the most effective solutions in play. Our campaign management involves up-to-the-minute reports that deliver important insights enabling modifications to be made in real time. This proactive approach means that your campaign stays on target and on budget.

Fully compliant

We are fully compliant

The integrity of your brand, data and cause is of the utmost importance. We are fully compliant with government and industry regulations. We have PCI DSS accreditation, which assures the highest level of protection for credit card details and encrypted payment data.